Growing Niches

An in-depth look at the categories of products that experienced the highest growth in revenue generated during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.


The Tools niche saw a mammoth 89% increase in revenue during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2019. 

That’s huge, and it’s probably not a category that you might have expected to perform this well. 

To be the third fastest growing niche is seriously impressive, and the fact that these products are perfect gifts for the holiday season is likely to have contributed to its success. 

Remember, lots of people hold out on buying gifts for Christmas until the last payday before the holidays, which is exactly when Black Friday and Cyber Monday lands.




Men’s Clothing & Accessories

Men’s clothing & accessories saw the second largest increase in GMV during the shopping holiday. 

In fact, there was a 96% increase. That means that the revenue this niche generated almost doubled during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Interestingly enough, this huge increase meant that Men’s Clothing & Accessories overtook Women’s Clothing & Accessories in the amount of revenue that the niche generated. 

Women’s Clothing & Accessories is usually much more popular than Men’s Clothing & Accessories, so that’s seriously impressive.


Men’s Clothing
& Accessories


Security & Protection

The niche that had the biggest growth during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, perhaps surprisingly, was Security & Protection. 

In fact, revenue for products in this niche more than doubled.

There was an increase of 110% when compared against the past week. That’s huge. 

Keep in mind though, if you’re thinking of adding some products from this niche to your store, that certain products, like spy cameras, are blocked from Facebook’s ad platform.


Security & Protection


Notable Increases

Other niches which saw a huge increase in sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 were:

Women’s Clothing & Accessories


Automobiles & Motorcycles






Odd One Out

Almost all niches saw some level of growth during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019, apart from one. 

Hair Extensions & Wigs actually saw negative growth. In fact, it generated 11% less GMV than it did when compared with the week prior. 

Keep this in mind if you’re looking to sell products from this niche this year.

Hair Extensions
& Wigs